170517 New Cycle Posted!


I know that some of you do not necessarily understand why I always start the post with “Athletes”. It comes from Greece and means “Contestant in Sports”.  Well here is the definition;

person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

That is why I emphasize ‘training’ over ‘working out’.  When you train you develop new skills.  This requires thinking; how much weight can I handle?  I know I can do one round fast but the workout calls for 4 rounds. How many reps should I do before I break?  This is why you are an athlete because you train.  If you want to do P90X or Zumba then you get good at moving for an hour.  I have nothing against these programs but they are not training programs!

So just accept it.  You are an athlete!

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup

Power Snatch Ladder
Split into 4 Stations if need be:

Station 1
AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:
7 Hand Release Pushups
Row 150m

Station 2
AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:
7 Ball Slams
14 Air Squats

Station 3
AMRAP in 5 Minutes of:
Strict Pull-ups

Station 4
AMRAP 5 Minutes of:
14 Plate Overhead Lunge (stationary) 45/25
14 Situps


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