Monday – Friday 0600-0700 AND 1730-1830

Tues-Thurs 1130-1230

Our next Fundamentals is Saturday January 12th at 1000. Please let us know if you plan to come so we can properly staff it.


All classes are held within Hangar 5 (directly off of Arctic Warrior Drive) on JBER, AK.  Hangar 5 is open 24/7, but we’d love to see you in class.

Athletes, yes, that is what you are referred to.  It is your responsibility to communicate any injuries, concerns, or mobility limitations with the coaches.  The beauty of crossfit is everything can be scaled for all skill levels.  Overtime we can get you beyond the limitations your body might currently have for you, but we want to ensure this is done safely.  Coaches are going to teach and monitor movements.  This could include scaling you back, this could include encouraging you to push yourself to limits you have not tested before.  Ultimately, you know your body best.  Good communication between yourself and the coaches is going to allow you to get the most out of your experience.

If you have a specific skill you are having issues with and would like help.  Please feel free to contact a coach for an individual session to fine tune your technique.

4 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Hello just wanted to sign up for the foundational class on Saturday . Never done crossfit before but looking forward to learn .. Thanks

    • We currently do not have a coach available on Saturdays. We are working one of the 9 Foundational Movements every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Tomorrow will be strict press if you can make it. -Sarah

  2. Hola Sarah,

    Are we changing the time for cross fit classes. Jarod asked us if we preferred to do a 6pm class and a 10am class on Saturdays. Did he change the schedule yet?

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