Jared Whitman



2015 Pacific Regionals Athletejared
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Cert
CrossFit Gymnastics Cert
CrossFit Weightlifting Cert
CrossFit Mobility Cert
Functional Movement System Level 2 Certification
Certified Personal Trainer
Catalyst Olympic Lifting Seminar
Carl Paoli’s FreeStyle Seminar
Modern Army Combatives Level 3
2013 CrossFit Open
2014 CrossFit Open
2015 CrossFit Open
2016 CrossFit Open
Reebok Sponsored coach for the Be More Human Project – Itaewon Chapter

My journey started 2012. I was 230lbs, 5’11” and apathetic due to a very demanding work schedule. One of my students suggested that I go with the class to a Tough Mudder. After he said it was 10 miles I immediately said some explicit words that ended with a “No.” Anyway, after seeing the interest in the race with the other students I succumbed and got max participation to this event. In working toward this we had group exercise sessions after class. I followed the programming that one of my students made and it felt great. One day we did 100 burpees for a warmup and I about died. We did the Tough Mudder and finished as a team. After that I was hooked and now am addicted to mud runs. Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint x3, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, Runforyourlives5k, Marine Corp Mud Challenge, and a couple of other local mud runs. I say all that to say this…the only way I was able to have the fortitude and confidence to do these events was because of the High Intensity Interval Training I was doing. I needed something more though; enter Crossfit! At first I did not want to drink the koolaid but started to read more about the methodology and its schema.  The process of preparing for the unknown and unknowable is the road I have been on since and do not see making any detour anytime soon!

My goal is to effect change in myself and in others in order to live a pain free existence so that we are all happier as we journey through this life. See you in Fundamentals!