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Arctic Crossfit can be contacted at or you can call/text 240-643-3579 and ask for Michel!

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    • Show up to class. We typically meet around the whiteboard about 10 minutes before hand. Introduce yourself to whoever is coaching and let us know it is your first time and if you have any injuries. If you like us on Facebook you’ll receive our posts regarding Fundaments which is taught usually Wednesday at 1830. At Fundamentals we dial in the 9 foundational movements, or anything in particular you have questions about. We’re also attempting to do a beginners on ramp series. Week 2 will be this Saturday at 0900 and we’ll be covering the squat. If you want to attend email so I can get a headcount and respond with course material.

      I recommend looking at the 9 foundational movements tab on our page. This will help familiarize yourself with the movements and verbiage.

    • Fundamentals are announced the day prior, schedule permitting. If you have questions about a movement, feel free to ask a coach.

  1. My husband and I would like to stop in on Saturday morning for the 10am group WOD. We are experienced and look forward to meeting everyone.

  2. I was wondering who programs your workouts? Do you take the time to program yourself, or do you use workouts from other affiliates? Thanks

    • As posted, we’re following Invictus. We are a purely volunteer staff, all with full time jobs and families, so it is what works more efficiently.

  3. Can military spouses go to the class? Also, do you guys only do 17:30 class or is there any other times for classes?

    • Anybody can come. The facility is unmanned and classes ran by volunteers (which is also why our actually classes are so limited). Facility is open 24/7 though.

  4. Hi
    My sister lives in anchorage and called you up today to get a tshirt for me .. I’m in the UK and go to Reebok 3D in Manchester. Apparently you have no tshirts at the moment . Can I possibly order one on line ?

    • If we get an order together, it will be posted. We have to have an order of at least 30 pieces I think & nobody responded to my two posts last month. Keep an eye on our Facebook though bc I will post on there. Because we are unfunded & don’t handle money, shirt are pre-pay/pre-order only.

  5. Hi, do I have to come to a class or am I able to use the facilities at any time? This is simply to fit around my work times.

  6. If I would come on any Saturday would I have to contact you first to let you know I am coming to the fundamentals class? I am interested in doing cross fit but was wondering how to get started and who is teaching the class?

    • I apologize! I just got a notification for this. Have you already attended classes or were you still waiting for a reply?

  7. I would like to attend the Saturday 0930 class. I have done Crossfit in the past, however I’d like a refresher before I jump back into everything.

    Thank you for what you do,

    Ryan Marshall

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