Attention athletes!

The 0600-0700 class is now being offered Monday through Friday! So you can get your early morning fix 5 days a week! Cheers!


Fundamentals tomorrow!

Fundamentals is tomorrow! We will be meeting in front of the whiteboard on the black mats at hangar 5! See you then!!

Only 3 days left!

Hey guys only 3 days left to get your orders in! Let’s try to get as many orders as possible! I know I can’t wait to sport my new hoodie! Use the link to order the pieces you want! The order ends on August 5th.

Pregnancy wod tomorrow!!

Hey guys! For coach Olivia’s class tomorrow, you all will be experiencing what it’s like to workout while pregnant! We will taping on a medicine ball with duct tape so make sure you wear a shirt you don’t care that much about! Have fun with this!

Wednesday Afternoon Class

Alright guys so this might seem confusing, but the workout for Wednesday on BTWB will only be for the 6am and 1130am classes! The 530pm class will be doing skill work on the snatch grip deadlift and the overhead squat! While you may not be getting a wod in, this class is still super important for anyone who wants to become a better athlete. Don’t pass the class up just because you’re not getting a wod in! Happy skillz day!