The Open!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that the first open workout is announced tomorrow! And like you guys, us coaches, do not know the workouts beforehand! So, if there is a movement programmed for class and then you see that in the open workout, I’m sorry! A few reminders, set a goal! A specific one at that! Have fun! This is about the community as a whole and people cheering you on to see you do some amazing things. And finally, don’t be afraid to go scaled! It is not demoralizing in anyway. Use it to see where you are at skill wise and go from there! Can’t wait to see you guys crush it!

This Saturday!

We have a couple events this Saturday! Our fundamentals class is this Saturday at 1000. If you want to sign up there’s still time! Because of fundamentals, the Saturday Oly class will be held at 0845!

First oly class!

Hey guys! Our first Olympic lifting only class is this Saturday at 10! Whether you’re brand new to Olympic lifting or have been doing it for years, come out and give it a shot! It will be especially beneficial to folks who want to really prepare for the open!

Attention Arctic CrossFit!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! We have a few announcements to make! First, the next fundamentals class will be on Jan 12 at 1000! Please feel free to tell your friends and anyone interested in trying CrossFit! Second, we will be starting an Oly lifting class on Saturdays! This class will be totally focused on Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean and jerk, along with some fun accessory movements to get you better! Third, we will be designing new shirts soon so keep an eye out for that and a new order form! Ideally I would like to do some stickers, patches, and maybe even some hats! Keep working hard ACF family!