Thursday October 27, 2016


We’re going to do something new tonight. Matt Christman will be showing off some of the knowledge gained at the weightlifting certification.


Clean Review

As a class:

2 sets (1 – PVC, 2 – barbell)

Starting from the hang (just above the knee)

3 – pop/shrug

3 – pop/shrug/high pull

3 – hang power clean



Skill transfer exercises:

  • Push Press Behind the Neck (start from behind the neck to teach straight line dip and drive, keeping face out of the way).
  • Push Jerk Behind the Neck
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk
  • Jerk Behind the Neck
  • Jerk


  1. Start with feet in the jump position
  2. Take a lunge step forward, put back knee on deck
    • Front knee is stacked over ankle, torso is perpendicular to the ground
    • Cork-screw the front knee
  3. Stand 6″- 8″ without moving the feet
    • Torso remains erect
    • Back leg is slightly bent to keep torso tall and prevent pelvic tilt
  4. Recover
    • Step front foot back 6″ or so
    • Bring back foot forward while keeping erect torsoDrill with PVC pipe with Jerk Behind the Neck, then transition to Jerk


Split Jerk* – 5 sets, 3 reps

*Must be able to safely demonstrate how to clean weight to graduate from a PVC pipe to a barbell.


20 minute AMRAP

15 Clean & Jerks 95/65

– Rest 1 minute –

15 Clean & Jerks 115/80

– Rest 1 minute –

15 Clean & Jerks 135/95

– Rest 1 minute –

15 Clean & Jerks 155/105


Add weight every 15 reps, even if you need to scale the increase to 5-10 lbs.


This is a WOD which means efficient movements, so initially you may be doing power cleans and push jerks. As the weight gets heavy you may be forced to do squat cleans and split jerks.


NON-BARBELL SCALE: 15 Medicine Ball Clean and Press.  AND we have a variety of weighted balls, so you can increase the weight every 15 reps.

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