Thursday August 18, 2016

Snatch Review

Click to access 53_06_Burgener_Warmup.pdf

Warm Up

As a class:

2 sets (1 – PVC, 2 – barbell)

Starting from the hang (just above the knee)

3 – pop/shrug

3 – pop/shrug/high pull

3 – pop/shrug/high pull/bar overhead (muscle snatch)

3 – overhead squats

3 – snatch balance

3 – squat snatch


E2MOM for 10 minutes (5 sets): Tall Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch

You choose if you want to work power or squat


Scale: Hang Snatch + Snatch


If you are new to the snatch, complete 2 Hang Power Snatches E2MOM.

Watch for curling the bar and for catching it with an arched back.



15 Toes to Bar

10 Power Snatch (65/95)

5 Wall Walks (nose touches wall)

ANOUNCEMENT: Saturday Throwdown will be moving to 0830. We’ll be doing Built by Bergeron’s Open WOD for that day, so if you only want to do the WOD, just show up at 0915. Reminder, this is NOT a class, nor is it designed for beginners. 

This is good news because we’ll be done in time for you to head on out to CFAK to cheer on our athletes participating in this weekend’s competition! 

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