Wednesday August 17, 2016

Foundational Movement

Push Jerk (not Split)


  • Stance is with the heels at hip width
  • Hands just outside the shoulders
  • Bar resting on the “rack” or “shelf” created by the shoulders
  • Elbows in front of bar; elbows are lower than in the front squat, but not behind the bar
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine
  • Closed grip, with thumbs around the bar
  • Execution:
  • The sequence of action is to: dip, drive, press under, stand
  • Dip: perform a shallow dip (flexion) of the hips, where the knees push forward slightly, the hips go back slightly, and the chest stays upright
  • Drive: extend the hip rapidly and fully
  • Press under: Retreat the hip downward and drive the body under the bar, while rapidly pressing the bar overhead
  • Receive the bar with arms locked out overhead (the torso does not have to be vertical here)
  • Stand to full extension with the bar locked out overhead
  • Finish:
  • The movement finishes with the bar locked out overhead in the frontal plane with active shoulders, and hips and knees at full extension.

Progression (without the bar)

  1. Jump and land with hands at sides. Stick the landing.
  2. Jump and land with hands at shoulders throughout the movement. Stick the landing.
  3. Jump with hands at shoulders and extend them overhead at the same time as the land.
  4. With stick in hands, full Push Jerk


Push Jerk: 5 sets of 3 reps touch’n’go practice cycling through heavier weights


Run 1600m (8 laps)

Rest 3 min

Run 1200m (6 laps)

Rest 2 min

Run 800m (4 laps)

Rest 1 min

Run 400m (2 laps)

*Scale – Cut the distance in half

ANOUNCEMENTS: Saturday Throwdown will be moving to 0830. We’ll be doing Built by Bergeron’s Open WOD for that day, so if you only want to do the WOD, just show up at 0915. Reminder, this is NOT a class, nor is it designed for beginners. 

This is good news because we’ll be done in time for you to head on out to CFAK to cheer on our athletes participating in this weekend’s competition! 

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