Community Events

Our Mission at Arctic CrossFit is:

To provide elite fitness  to the men and women of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson;

dedicated to motivating local athletes to new heights —

physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our mission is to get you to do things you thought were impossible.

With that said, we operate as a “family” inside and outside of the affiliate.

4 thoughts on “Community Events


    Registration for World Wide WOD Retribution is open until Sunday. ACF will host the individual competition on Saturday April 26th starting with a 9am check in. Teams (male/female) will compete on Sunday April 27th starting with a 10am check in. Competition open to all levels, register as a beginner, scaled or RX. There will be 4 WODs total.

    WOD 1 was released yesterday. It is the DT Ladder. 9 Deadlifts, 6 hang power cleans and 3 shoulder to overhead, every 2nd minute on the minute. Add 10lbs each round.

    All WODs will be released before Saturday and you can adjust your registration level even after viewing the WODs.

    Sarah is the POC for this event.

  2. So, for my Couplet #1, Heat #1 timing fiasco I did average reps per 40 seconds and subtracted 40 seconds worth of reps from the total score. Ultimately it did not effect much. Completely omitting the Couplet greatly changed overall placement for women’s scaled (moreso than leaving it as it was), so I left it in adjusting the first heats score. This is slightly different than what is listed on the Garage Games Website as I entered everybody that participated at our box yesterday.

    1) Mark Majack
    2) Matthew Christman
    3) Damien Smith (Mat-Su) Impressive his first day of CrossFit ever!
    4) Joshua Sharp
    5) Matthew Townsend

    1) Ayesha Keith
    2) Jennypher Rossi
    3) Janeale Ronai
    4) Hilary Tebo
    5) Jayda Karren
    6) Carleigh Bramante
    7) Katherine Kosterman
    8) TIE BETWEEN Chelsea Thomas & Jennifer Townsend

    MEN’S RX…… Steve needs to finish his last two WODS…..sorry guys!

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