This Friday!

Hey Arctic CrossFit family! This Friday our ACF family will be teaming up with 907CF family and do a wod in support of Army vet and former 907cf member Blake and his fight against cancer! We highly encourage at least a $10 donation to the gofundme page prior to participating in the workout! Let’s show everyone what the CrossFit community is all about by helping out one of our own in his time of need!

Please feel free to read the full story below:

907Crossfit has come up with a WOD to help promote Blake Nelson’s GOFUNDME page. He started doing crossfit with us while he served in the National Guard and he continued with Mat-Su Crossfit after he completed his term of service. He impressed us all with his determination and drive.

Blake, who is 29, served in the Army and National Guard for 11 years and served a combat tour in Iraq. Just days before he planned on re-enlisting to be a 2nd Lieutenant, he suffered two seizures and an MRI revealed a brain tumor the size of a lemon. On Friday, December 15, Blake underwent a craniotomy and the tumor was successfully removed. After three weeks Blake is able to write and speak a few words but he has a long way to go. In the coming months he will require additional surgery, speech and occupational therapy. Blake and his wife Christy could really use some help during this very trying time.

This workout is inspired by Blake’s hard work and huge run improvement and this is one way to show our support.


2 Mile Run (or 4000m Row)

100 Knee Ups

75 Clean&Jerks (75/55)

50 Burpees

1 Mile Run (or 2000m Row)

Please pass this on and promote it at your boxes if you can.

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