170308 Time Change/No More Sign Up


The signup was good in theory but not really great in application as there is no real negative piece to missing a class you have signed up for. So we will just push on without the sign up and handle classes as they come. With that being said class times will be extended an extra 15 minutes. As it stands each class I have coached has ended right at 1830 or a little after. So Official Class times:

Mon-Thurs 1730-1845 1845-1900
Friday -1730-1845
Saturday 1000-1115

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup

Tabata Ring Pushups

Big Dawg
Tabata Weighted Ring Pushups
Everyone 2x Face up Chinese Planks 45 seconds

6 x 400Meter Run
Work/Rest will be 1:1

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