170301 Gymnasty Day


Yesterday was all barbell today will be all gymnastics with Thursday probably combing both. Come with your focus cap as we will be doing some scale work on pistols and we need to find that scale quickly.

Athletes signed up for the class today.
Kat Cox
David Jimenez
Lupe Sevilla
Brianna Feyen
Joseph Braun
Ryan Marshall
Zach Sumstine
Liz LeBlanc
Melissa Schroeder
Brett Speck
Amber Lanier
Jeanette Palmer
Jamie Longmire
Jennifer Barnett


Jared – ACF

A. Warmup
Pistol work
Hanging work

Clean Pull + Clean
2@65%, 2@70% 2@75% 1×2s@ 80%, 85% 3×2

C. WOD 10-1
Descending Ladder
10 Pistols
10 T2B
9 Pistols
9 T2B
8 Pistols
8 T2B
7 Pistols
7 T2B
6 Pistols
6 T2B


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