170228 Barbells and all kinds of love!


Lorna Collins
Kat Cox
Wade Gilpin
Jamie Ballard
David Jimenez
Lupe Sevilla
Ryan Marshall
Joseph Braun
Stephanie Tranby
Zach Sumstine
Alexandria Patton
Lee Damian
Jamie Longmire
Jason Stroud

These are the names signed up for the 1730 class. I can take a couple more in the class but you saw how it was last night. There will be a cut off. I will hurt peoples feelings. Do believe it is only in an effort to ensure the product being delivered is one of quality not numbers.

1830 class has picked up steam. Looks like we may have up to 5 athletes. Please take a second and look at joining this class.

This is coming to you from a state of sincerity. I want to help make you better. I cannot do that with 22 people in one class.

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup

EMOM FOR 10 Minutes
5 x T2B

Big Dawg
7 x T2B

1 Lap around the track
5 Floor Press 95/55
10 Hang Power Cleans 95/55
15 Jerks 95/55
1 Lap aroung the track


3 thoughts on “170228 Barbells and all kinds of love!

    • Berta there is no 540PM class and you may attend the 1730 or 1830 if you have completed fundamentals or have trained at another CrossFit Affiliate.

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