170224 Sign Up!


I would like to say I am sorry for how ‘militant’ I am about signing up for the Open.  I would like to say I am sorry BUT I won’t.  Here’s why…

I don’t care what your motivation is to make yourself better, I mean I do, just not in the context of the Open.  The Open is a competition.  It absolutely demands performance.  Where you can slack off in the weekly training here and there you cannot slack off in the Open because you chose to be in this world of suck and you are going to get your monies worth!

Those of you who just ‘did it’ for fun…that is great.  It takes a lot of gusto to do a 20 minute workout on your own.  But I can guarantee you would have done better if you were being judged and in the Open.

So like I said…I would like to apologize but cannot.  I still love you!  And there is still time to sign up!

Jared – ACF

CF Open 17.1

If you need judged Saturday we need to know who you are!


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