170202 Update Urgent: Class Sign Up is a go!

****Update: There apparently is an emergency cleaning session happening at the Hangar 5 today and probably tomorrow.  This will have us with limited capabilities but we should still be able to have class.  If not we will do an emergency Angie with T2B instead of pullups!  I may also request assistance in setting up that the area like new.


I ventured low and high to find something streamlined and easy for your convenience. Our classes will be capped at 15 with exceptions for new/experienced folks.  The point here is to protect you from a hectic environment, ensure enough equipment and rig positions and most importantly ensure YOU get one on one assistance when in class.

To add on to that last point.  This is a training session.  Training can only be done with metrics.  Time, load, history and forward progression.  Coaches assist in this by directly engaging you on your weaknesses and strengths that we see in your movements!

With that being said our shiny SIGN UP page is located under SCHEDULE on our menu list.

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup
General Warmup
3 x Wall Climbs
Sled Pull explanation/warmup
Floor Press explanation/warmup

Dumbbell Benchpress/Floor Press
5 x 5

Sled Pull

Competitor 12-6-3
Wall Climbs
Sled Pull

We hope to setup three-four sleds. The sled pull will be only one pull. The sled will weights will be Heavy-Medium-Light.

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