170126 Deads and Wallballs and DU’s


Our strength program looks to be tough for some and easy for others.  For those that it looks easy for do not worry.  We will re-baseline our lifts soon and that should put you into a better training percentage.  With that said if your 80% does feel exceptionally light then go a little heavier.  We are wanting stimulus here.  If you don’t feel like it is hard then your body will do the same and not change.

More Double Unders….yep.  Get under that rope!  We need this skill and you want this skill!

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup

Do these exercises at heavy weight.
Bent Over Row
Sled Pulls (attach a rope and have something athletes can put their feet against)

10 Minute AMRAP
Min 1: 4 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM + 8 WBS #20/14
Min 2: 25 DU

Min 1: 8 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM + 8 WBS #20/14
Min 2: 40 DUs


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