170120 Team WOD Friday!


I know some of you are here to workout and some of you are here to train. I train athletes and so do my coaches. I want you to do today what others won’t so you can do tomorrow what others can’t. This is done by training and not ‘working out’. If you want a ‘workout’ that is fine. Nothing against it but you will find that atmosphere with Zumba or P90X or some other group fitness class. I do not consider Arctic CrossFit a group fitness class. It is a set of individuals training on skills and abilities essential for a painless to as pain free of an existence as possible.

With that being said it has been found that a three on one off cycle is best for those conditioned athletes. We can still recommend five on two off depending on the weeks work. This is where you have to understand your body.

To put it a different way…over training one week out of a month is probably not a big deal but over training every week in a year puts you back 2 months potentially of gains you could have gotten through smarter training. So pay attention to your body, food intake and sleep. These are the influential parties in recovery!

With that said today is not exactly active recovery and the intensity will still be high but no weight, just your body and brain!

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup
Which is doing the math for how many things we gotta do!

B. Skill WOD
Double Under Practice (Yep…again, You’re welcomed and I love you)


C. Rest/WOD:
Team WOD using the entire population.
1000M Row x Members who show
100 Air Squats x Members who show


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