170112 Nutrition thoughts!


Trainers have certain roles; motivator, coach, facilitator and educator. Part of this is to keep up-to-date on emerging data about physical fitness and nutrition. The school systems/general public education do not do a great job at educational standards when it comes to basic concepts about nutrition.

So as I usually say at all fundamentals classes, “There are usually two types of people that come here. People that are small and want to get big or who are big and want to get small.”

How do you do this? Greg Glassman has postulated a broad sounding diet but specific in the nature of the foods. If you want to lose weight/gain weight you need to basically do this; Eat meats, vegetables, seeds, nuts, some fruit, little starch and no sugar and this metabolic change will boost whatever it is you want to happen. How can I say this? Across the 10,000 plus affiliates world wide the best athletes and the ones making the greatest gains are eating this simple diet.

“If it is in the aisles of the grocery store don’t eat it.”

If the majority of the food you eat is located in a box I can with very good accuracy say your belt line is a little wider than it should be. On the other end of the spectrum if you are a ‘hard gainer’ you probably are not getting the right food and it is still probably the same situation…you’re eating crap in a box.

“We see somebody, they come in, their hitting the workouts with a good bit of intensity, they make gains, they make gains, they make gains, they plateau they regress”

You don’t need a fancy weight scale for food. You don’t need to measure your macros and most of all you don’t need to count your calories. If you think the key to losing weight is counting calories then you will most likely cut too much and feel like crap. If you feel like crap you will not come to CrossFit so don’t count your calories for CrossFits sake!

Below Derek Weida eludes to this. Just eat real food…at the end of the video he says “look this shit is just really not that hard.” He is right.  Take the Slow Carb Cook Book.  Put things in a slow cooker…set it and forget it.  You now have meals for a week!

With that being said I am with Derek Weida at the end of this video. If you are honestly having issues losing weight/gaining weight lets tackle this issue together!

Also, for your general ed:

1 Gram of Protein = 4 Calories
1 Gram of Carb = 4 Calories
1 Gram of Fat = 9 Calories
1 Gram of Alcohol = 7 Calories

So by calorie logic Alcohol is better for you than dietary fats? No, that is why counting calories in a general sense is okay but as long as your eating real food your satiation proteins should tell your brain you are full. Your body also NEEDS fats. Preferably fats from nuts and seeds but even saturated fat you find in chicken ‘can’ be good for your if you don’t have other sources of fats in your diet. Every cell in your body uses fats to make their cell membrane. Saturated fats are not the best for this but can be used.

Jared – ACF

A. Warmup

5@60%, 5@65%, 5@70% 5@75%
3×3@ 80%

15 Minute AMRAP
3 Front Squats (95/65 lbs)
6 Dumbbell Press 44/25
9 Leg Raises

15 Minute AMRAP
3 Front Squats (135/95 lbs)
6 Handstand Push-Ups
9 Toes to Bar

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