Wednesday November 23, 2016

The day before Thanksgiving. Get in and do some work and enjoy a hearty meal tomorrow!

Foundational Movement

Strict Press


  • Stance is with the heels at hip width
  • Hands just outside the shoulders
  • Bar resting on the “rack” or “shelf” created by the shoulders
  • Elbows in front of bar; elbows are lower than in the front squat, but not behind the bar
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine
  • Closed grip, with thumbs around the bar


  • The action is to: press
  • Retract the head (head accommodates the bar), and press the bar overhead, finishing with locked arms
  • The head can return to its neutral position once the bar has passed


  • The movement finishes with the bar locked out overhead in the frontal plane with active shoulders, and hips and knees at full extension
  • To return the bar, push the elbows forward and retract the face until the bar is re-racked.


Strict Press: 5 sets, 3 reps


“Broom Stick Mile” from CrossFit Social City

(it popped up on my Facebook and I’ve been saving it)


25 Back Squats (45/35/15/PVC)

25 Front Squats

25 Overhead Squats

Run 400m

25 Strict Press

25 Push Press

25 Push Jerk

Run 400m

50 Hang Squat Cleans

Run 400m

50 Hang Power Snatch

Run 400m


They had this programmed to do in sync with a partner if you want to truly challenge yourself.

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