Wednesday November 9, 2016

Foundational Movement

Push Press


  • Stance is with the heels at hip width
  • Hands just outside the shoulders
  • Bar resting on the “rack” or “shelf” created by the shoulders
  • Elbows in front of bar; elbows are lower than in the front squat, but not behind the bar
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine
  • Closed grip, with thumbs around the bar


  • The sequence of action is to: dip, drive, press
  • Dip: perform a shallow dip (flexion) of the hips, where the knees push forward slightly, the hips go back slightly, and the chest stays upright
  • Drive: extend the hip rapidly and fully
  • Press: retract the head, press the bar to overhead, with locked arms


  • The movement finishes with the bar locked out overhead in the frontal plane with active shoulders, and hips and knees at full extension


  1. Dip
  2. Dip-drive, slow
  3. Dip-drive, fast
  4. Full push press


Push Press: 5-4-3-3-2-2-1-1


Remember your strict press numbers? The 5 reps here should be at least what your 3 rep strict press was.  Keep track of these weights tonight because the same will be suggested for next week’s push jerks.


20 min AMRAP

Row 10 Calories

15 Wallball (20/14)

15 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)


Partners rotate each movement. (Ex: A-row, B-WB, A-KBS, B-row, A-WB, B-KBS So, when you finish two rounds, each person will have done all the movements once.)


Don’t forget to register for the WOD “Armistice” with Team Red,White and Blue, hosted at Crossfit Anchorage Saturday November 12, 2016 at 10am with a social at Gallo’s to follow.

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