Friday November 3, 2016

Foundational Movement

Front Squat


  • Stance is with the heels at shoulder width
  • Full extension at hips and knees
  • Bar “racked” on the shoulders (create a shelf with the shoulders for bar to sit on), hands outside shoulders, loose fingertip grip
  • Elbows high, upper arm parallel to the ground
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine


  • Hips travel back and down
  • Bottom of squat is when the hip crease is below the top of the kneecap (“below parallel”)
  • Knees stay in line with the feet
  • Head position is neutral
  • Keep the bar racked properly (“elbows high”) throughout the movement


  • Return to full extension at the hips and knees to complete the movement


Front Squat: 5-1-4-1-3-1

Same rep scheme as last week’s Back Squats. Pick a weight that is a challenge, but you can do 5-4-3 at.  For the singles, you’ll add weight each set.  Coach Jose PR’d his Back Squat last week.  Let’s see if we can get any Front Squat PRs this week.



Row 500m

20 Burpees

Run 400m

-Rest 1 minute-


You know what that one minute rest means? Sprint it out!



Athlete’s choice. If there is something you’re interested in learning or fine tuning this is your time to ask.

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