Tuesday November 1, 2016

Reminder: Hangar 5 is closed during this week’s excercise.

It is our last re-test Tuesday of this 12 week cycle & while chilly this is something you can do outside of the Hangar. Woohoo! 

Warm Up

3 Rounds (Not for time)
10 Burpees

15 Kettlebell swings

20 AbMat Sit ups

Modified Burgener Warm Up – Move with a purpose

Down (knee bend, chest up) and finish (shrug) – Speed through the middle

1 + Elbow High & outside – Bar close

1 + 2 + Muscle Snatch – Turnover

PVC Overhead Squat – Core strength

Snatch lands (starting stance, dropping into a squat, landing in finish stance)



6 Rounds for Time

24 Air squats

24 Push Ups

24 Walking lunges

Run 400m

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