Happy Halloween! 

Reminder: Hangar 5 is closed until Oct 3 due to the exercise. See you Thursday! 

In the spirit of today…..

1 Burpee per trick or treater

1 Hibberty Jibberty for adults not in costume

1 V-up for adults in costume

5 airsquats per small chocolate

5 dips per small tootsie roll

30 sec plank per fruit candy

30 sec wall sit per sucker/lollipop

30 sec handstand hold per licorice 

I’m trying to be general as the candy options are limitless, but please comment with your “score” or other ideas for the evening. 

Adult Bonus: 

For every 6oz.beer/wine/cocktail drank…

5 inchworms, 30 sec plank, 5 inchworms

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