Tuesday October 18, 2016

Re-Test Day Tuesday

No coach is scheduled today as many of almost all of us are out of town.

Warm Up

3 Rounds NOT for Time

5 Empty Barbell Strict Press

7 Burpees

9 Box dips

11 Flutter Kicks (4 count)


You will be doing this EVERYDAY and yes, I’m going to bore you with the details.  You need to drill this into muscle memory so when you get a barbell in your hand you don’t have to think.  You can do this with a PVC or broom at home.


Jump up and down in place – this is your starting stance

Move your feet out to your squat stance – this is your finish stance


Modified Burgener Warm Up – Move with a purpose

  1. Down (knee bend, chest up) and finish (shrug) – Speed through the middle
  2. 1 + Elbow High & outside – Bar close
  3. 1 + 2 + Muscle Snatch – Turnover
  4. PVC Overhead Squat – Core strength
  5. Snatch lands (starting stance, dropping into a squat, landing in finish stance)




Handstand Push Ups

Ring Dips

Push Ups

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