Thursday September 15, 2016

Warm Up

Modified Burgener Warm Up – Move with a purpose

    1. Down (knee bend, chest up) and finish (shrug) – Speed through the middle
    2. 1 + Elbow High & outside – Bar close
    3. 1 + 2 + Muscle Snatch – Turnover
    4. PVC Overhead Squat – Core strength
    5. Snatch lands (starting stance, dropping into a squat, landing in finish stance)

            3 Rounds

            10 Kips Swings

            5 Burpees for height (reach for the rig bar that’s at least 5 inches taller than your reach)

            10 Kettle Bell Swings



            Descending Ring Dips and Ascending Man Makers

            10 Ring Dips (20 Box dips)

            1 Man Maker

            9 Ring Dips (18 Box dips)

            2 Man Makers

            8 Ring Dips (16 Box dips)

            3 Man Makers

            7 Ring Dips (14 Box dips)

            4 Man Makers

            6 Ring Dips (12 Box dips)

            5 Man Maker

            5 Ring Dips (10 Box dips)

            6 Man Makers

            4 Ring Dips (8 Box dips)

            7 Man Makers

            3 Ring Dips (6 Box dips)

            8 Man Makers

            2 Ring Dips (4 Box dips)

            9 Man Makers

            1 Ring Dips (2 Box dips)

            10 Man Makers

            Man Makers! Here’s a video of one variation:

            Here’s what I’m looking for you to do. Dumbbells in hand, drop down and do a push up.  Notice, the gentleman takes a wider stance with his feet to create stability.  You’re going to then row with each arm.  Then you’ll bring your feet in and stand up.  You do not need to do a squat clean, just a clean and then press those dumbbells overhead.

            While all WODs can be timed, focus on utilizing the proper form and muscles. These Tues/Thurs WODs are being programmed so you can build basic core strengths.  These will wreck your back if you get lazy on your form.


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