Tuesday September 13, 2016

Test Day Tuesday – repeat Oct 25, 2016


Tabata means 20 seconds of work (at the highest intensity you can go) followed by 10 second of rest for 8 rounds or 4 minutes. We are going to do tabata of multiple movements so this works well if you have a partner to log your reps while you work.  Note: The four mins of rest is so your partner can immediately go into their tabata reps.

Overtime, as your conditioning improves, you should be able to maintain your work capacity across these 8 rounds.

Do not forget to warm up! You need to not only warm up the muscle so they don’t immediately fatigue when you are trying to hit max capacity, you need to also get your cardio up so it can recover.


Push ups

-rest 4 minutes-

AbMat Sit Ups

-rest 4 minutes-

Air Squats

-rest 4 minutes-


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