Sunday September 4, 2016


55 items are paid for, 18 items are not.  If you have not paid, you MUST email me ( no later than tonight as the order is being placed tomorrow.  Those 18 outstanding items are over $300.  I love you guys, but I am not going to put out personal money without direct communication regarding when you will be paying.  Be sure you’re spelling ARCTIC correctly.  If you have emailed and I haven’t replied, send a message to the Facebook page.  Out of state orders, please email me to confirm whether or not a check has been sent.

What do you guys want to do for Labor Day tomorrow?

We have the option of a Throwdown or we could take advantage of the end of summer and meet up for a hike. A group of us were toying around with the idea of doing Twin Peaks at Eklutna at 0900 tomorrow (followed by ice cream).  As always, I want your feedback.  This is your gym! But when nobody provides input, I just make decisions.


Look for a detailed post coming tomorrow with changes for our affiliate.

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