We are reverting back to our old class schedule.  Coaches will be at the Hangar for class Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.  We currently have three active coaches – Jose, Matt C. and Sarah.  (And let’s be honest, Sarah is always working which leaves all the classes to the guys.)

This does not mean you get a break.  There will still be programing on Tuesday and Thursday, but it will be more basic skills and strengths that you can work on.  You need to have the basic body weight skills down so you can manage the barbell work that coaches will be focusing on.

Remember, Crossfit is all about community and our facility is unique.  You don’t need a coach to do the work.  Communicate amongst yourselves and I bet a group will informally get together to get work done.  Please comment results or questions on our page.  We are very good at responding.  And a coach might very well be at the Hangar.  If you see one of us, don’t hesitate to approach if you have any questions.

Our affiliate is volunteer ran.  Thankfully the three coaches left are not active duty so we don’t have to worry about PCS’s, but we do need to start thinking of the future.  You do not need an L1 to know proper movement.  Step up and help your fellow man.  Educate yourself, or point out movements that need tweaked to a coach if you don’t want to approach a person.  You may not be able to afford the L1, but the information is available online.  I know many of our regulars can partner with somebody newer to explain the basics.

While it is unfortunate we are dropping down to three official classes a week, we are hoping to have two coaches present more often than not so we can give you more individualized attention.  (Which goes back to my above comment about focusing on barbell work for coached classes.)  If you have certain goals you are trying to attain, please, email  We love to coach and share our knowledge or help point you in the right direction, we just have to make sure we are balanced with our paying jobs and families so we don’t burn out ourselves and our families.

If plan to get your L1 or have your L1 and are interested in coaching, please contact us.  We’d like you to co-coach to get integrated with the community.  We would love to build up our staff and be able to offer nightly classes once again.

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