Snatches & Cleans & Jerks! Oh my! 

While you guys & gals were out enjoying this beautiful sun filled weekend, Coaches Matt & Sarah were slaving away. 

We had a great weekend learning, fine tuning & prepping to coach you at the Crossfit Weightlifting Certification. We are excited to bring this back to Arctic. 

While we need to fine tune implementing this, you will probably notice small changes to the warm up. 

Please familiarize yourself with the below video. Whether you attend class or just train at the Hangar, you should be doing the Burgener warm up daily to help building those muscle memory skills.

ADDITIONALLY,  Any coaches out there willing to volunteer, please email us. We’ll be down to three coaches this fall & with Sarah’s schedule that leaves two. We’d love to be able to spend more time on barbell work, but with the lack of staff & growing class sizes, our abilities are limited. If you’re planning to get your L1, please talk to us! We would love a second pair of eyes during class & you’ll be better prepared for the certification. Athletes, you can help us by familiarizing yourself outside of class. We have links, or the Crossfit Journal is an amazing free online resource.

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