ACF gear! Pre-order your ACF gear! 

This weekend we were at less than 50 units. I requested a price updated based upon us hitting an order for 50 pieces (which I think we can do). 

Tshirts- $16 (gun metal) 

Muscle tanks- $23 (maroon/red)

Baseball tee- $18 (navy/grey)

Hoodies- $25 (navy)

Prices were rounded up to dollar to make things easier (& cover shipping).  Due to the lower numbers the prices have slightly increased. Please let me know if this changes your order. 

  1. If you have not submitted an order or received a confirmation email from us regarding your order, please email:
  2. Yes, we will ship (at your expense) to wherever you are located. 
  3. Money will be collected prior to the order being placed. This will start August 29th and will be due no later than September 4th. (Again email us if we need to make arrangements.) Since José is there more than myself, he’s graciously accepted this task.

My plan is to get the order organized the first weekend of September & submitted to the company for processing Monday. 

Please help me help you efficiently wrap up this order. I do not know when another order will take place, so get your gear now. We need at least 50 pieces ordered to compile an order, so it will probably be at least a year out. 


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