Survey Sunday

Please comment what your Murph plans are so I can program accordingly. 907 Crossfit has invited us to join them Saturday May 28 at 10am. 

Historically we have made it a weekend of Heros and if there is interest we can do that again, but I need to know your plans to ensure Murph is programmed on the day the majority of you plan to complete it. 

6 thoughts on “Survey Sunday

    • But what are you joining? I am trying to figure out if ACF is truly ing going to 907 on Saturday or if people plan to go to the Hangar Monday at 10…..

      • I would like to join 907 if you meet Monday I will join there too. Do I need to register

      • Let 907 know so they have a head count as they are doing a BBQ. The Facebook page has an event link. Memorial Day Murph is a national fundraiser, but you do not need to register/donate to participate.

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