Thursday May 19, 2016



Main Site WOD 4/20/2016

EMOM 5 Thrusters – Weight increases every 5 minutes (25 reps)

Set 1-5 @ 75/55 Scale: 45/35

Set 6-10 @ 95/75 Scale: 55/45

Set 11-15 @ 115/95 Scale: 65/55

Set 16-20 @ 135/115 Scale: 75/65


I made up the scaled numbers, but if you can go heavier, go heavier. I was being conservative, but I expect you to look at the finishing weight and plan accordingly to finish 5 reps every round for all 20 rounds with an increase in weight every 5 rounds.


200m Sandbag Carry, rest and repeat once

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