Thursday May 5, 2016

Snatch Review

Click to access 53_06_Burgener_Warmup.pdf

Warm Up

As a class:

2 sets (1 – PVC, 2 – barbell)

Starting from the hang (just above the knee)

3 – pop/shrug

3 – pop/shrug/high pull

3 – pop/shrug/high pull/bar overhead (muscle snatch)

3 – overhead squats

3 – snatch balance

3 – squat snatch


Power Snatch

Death by weight increase: Every 90 seconds (13:30 minutes total) add 5/10lbs each round

Rounds 1-3: 3 reps

Rounds 4-6: 2 reps

Rounds 7-9: 1 rep

*Until newer folks have good form, start from the hang position. Watch for curling the bar and for catching it with an arched back.



Box Jumps

Power Snatch


*If you’re working pull up progression, set up a bar in the squat rack to work on your strength.

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