Thursday April 21, 2016

Clean Review

Warm Up

As a class:

2 sets (1 – PVC, 2 – barbell)

Starting from the hang (just above the knee)

3 – pop/shrug

3 – pop/shrug/high pull

3 – hang power clean


Alternating EMOM:

  1. 3 Squat Cleans (heavy)
  2. 10 Russian Step Ups (5/leg) weighted

YouTube Video:

*Until newer folks have good form, start from the hang position. Watch for curling the bar and for catching it with an arched back.



60 Double Unders

30 Wallballs

15 Cleans

30 Wallballs

60 Double Unders


Tabata Sprints 20 second sprint, 10 second walk for 8 rounds/4 minutes


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