Monday April 18, 2016

Foundational Movement

Air Squat


  • The stance is with the heels at shoulder width
  • Full extension at hips and knees
  • Weight on heels
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine
  • Execution:
  • Hips travel back and down
  • Bottom of squat is when the hip crease is below the top of the kneecap (“below parallel”)
  • Knees stay in line with the feet
  • Head position is neutral
  • Finish:
  • Return to full extension at the hips and knees to complete the movement


Back Squat: E2MOM for 10 min (5 sets), 3 reps-heavy, immediately followed by 3 box jumps (not step ups)


12min AMRAP

3 Hibberty Jibberty

6 Goblet Squats

9 Kettlebell Swings

12 Jumping Air Squats


One thought on “Monday April 18, 2016

  1. Those jumping air squats surprised me. Quads are toast! Pace yourself. Used a 45KB (lightest we have at home). 7 rounds + 24 reps

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