Thursday February 25, 2016

Snatch Review

Warm Up

As a class:

2 sets (1 – PVC, 2 – barbell)

Starting from the hang (just above the knee)

3 – pop/shrug

3 – pop/shrug/high pull

3 – pop/shrug/high pull/bar overhead (muscle snatch)

3 – overhead squats

3 – snatch balance

3 – squat snatch


Power snatch: 5 sets, 3 reps 

Working basic snatch form from the ground if you have attending at least 2 prior classes with the snatch. If you’ve been doing the snatch for a while now, challenge yourself to do these 3 reps touch’n’go.  
For those who have been working on squat snatches – Snatch Balance
Please review this before class. Must be able to demonstrate the correct form to the coach using an empty barbell before allowed to do this for the strength portion. You should already be able to execute a full squat snatch. Those who cannot reach the hip crease below parallel at the bottom of a squat should NOT be working this. This will help you get accustom to heavier weights overhead that you may not be able to do when combined with the pull.

3 Rounds, each round for time

Sprint 100m

5 Snatches (95/65)

Sprint 100 m

Rest 90 seconds

This is an all out max effort each round. You’re getting two minutes of rest between rounds for a reason.

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