Monday February 22, 2016

Foundational MovementFront Squat


  • Stance is with the heels at shoulder width 
  • Full extension at hips and knees 
  • Bar “racked” on the shoulders (create a shelf with the shoulders for bar to sit on), hands outside shoulders, loose fingertip grip 
  • Elbows high, upper arm parallel to the ground 
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine 


  • Hips travel back and down 
  • Bottom of squat is when the hip crease is below the top of the kneecap (“below parallel”) 
  • Knees stay in line with the feet 
  • Head position is neutral 
  • Keep the bar racked properly (“elbows high”) throughout the movement 


  • Return to full extension at the hips and knees to complete the movement 


Front Squat: 5-4-3-2-1 

Go up in weight each set, rest 2-3 minutes per set

*Squat therapy for new folks/immature squats, Goblet Squats to force chest up if they want weight and can do so safely


Kettlebell Swings

Goblet Squats

Every minute on the minute: 5 burpees

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