Friday 29 January 2016

Foundational MovementDeadlift


  • Stance is with the heels between hip width and shoulder width 
  • Weight in heels 
  • Keep the chest up and brace the abdominals to maintain a neutral spine 
  • Shoulders over or slightly in front of the bar 
  • Bar in contact with the shins 
  • Arms straight 
  • Symmetrical grip outside the knees, just wide enough to not interfere with knees 
  • Head neutral or looking on the horizon 


  • Drive through the heels 
  • Extend legs while hips and shoulders rise at the same rate 
  • Once the bar passes the knees, the hip opens 
  • Bar maintains contact with the legs the entire time 
  • On return to the floor, push hips back while the shoulders move forward, delaying the knee bend 
  • Once bar descends below the knees and the torso angle is set, bend the knees to return the bar to the set-up position 


  • The movement finishes with the bar lifted to full extension of the hips and knees 


Deadlift: E2MOM 5 sets, 5 reps

Add weight each round as long as your form is maintained


Deadlifts & Double Unders

10 Deadlifts (275/185, scale: approx 60% of your heaviest 5 rep) 

10 Double Unders (20 singles or 10 jump/tucks)

8 DL

20 DU (40 singles or 15 jump/tucks)

6 DL

30 DU (60 singles or 20 jump/tucks)

4 DL

40 DU (80 singles or 25 jump/tucks)

2 DL

50 DU (100 singles or 30 jump/tucks)

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