Wednesday December 30, 2015

Warm Up

As a class:

3 sets (nice & slow, this is to stretch out and get warm)

5 Spider Push Ups

10 Kip Swings

15 PVC Pass Through

Foundational Movement

Push Jerk (not Split)

Set Up

  • Feet hip width apart
  • Hands just outside of the shoulders, closed grip/thumbs around the bar
  • Bar in the front rack, elbows lower than a Front Squat front rack
  • Elbows in front of the bar
  • Tight core, tight rear


  • Dip: perform a shallow dip (flexion) of the hips, where the knees push forward slightly, the butt goes back, and the chest stays upright.
  • Drive: extend the hip rapidly and fully
  • Press & Dip: retreat the hip downward and drive the body under the bar, while rapidly pressing the bar overhead.
  • “Catch” the bar with arms locked out overhead
  • Stand to full extension with the bar overhead

Progression (without the bar)

  1. Jump and land with hands at sides. Stick the landing.
  2. Jump and land with hands at shoulders throughout the movement. Stick the landing.
  3. Jump with hands at shoulders and extend them overhead at the same time as the land.
  4. With stick in hands, full Push Jerk


Push Jerk: E2MOM, 5 sets, 3 reps


Chipper (For Time):

12 Strict Press (95/55)

Run 400

12 Push Press

Run 200

12 Push Jerk

Run 100


*As the runs get shorter, your pace should get faster.

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